About Us


The purpose of newsstandard.in is to safeguard and to keep in reserve the essence of journalism. In this organization, the significance is given to only journalists and readers not businessmen, politicians and advertisers who have lowered the level of journalism. In this direction, this is small yet a required step to escalate the standard of journalism.
The motive of newsstandard.in is to convey serious news reports to the readers in simple words through digital media. newsstandard.in monitors all crucial issues. Readers can read all important news from country to the world, from bollywood to business, technology to sports in simple words on newsstandard.in. Our readers are simply requested to read, share and suggest ways to make it even better.
If you get any news?
We want to take news out of the newsroom. Help us Unscrew the World. Seen or heard something that you think makes for a good story? We’d love to tell it. You can pitch your story ideas, photos and submissions at editor@newsstandard.in. Someone in our team, particularly versed in that subject, will get back to you shortly.